Escrow Services

Risk reduction is top of mind in any global transaction. That’s why so many companies turn to Oars Investment for Escrow Services. Our global team of experts will help you develop an escrow transaction structure that will work for you. We act as an independent party to the transaction, holding assets in escrow and disbursing them quickly and securely according to the terms of the agreement.


Escrow Experts

A dedicated team of experienced professionals around the world offer flexible solutions for a wide range of corporate transactions.

Cross-Border Capabilities

From locations on five continents, our on-the-ground teams understand cross-border transactions in all major jurisdictions.

Quick, Reliable and Responsive Service

Agreements, claims, and disbursements are reviewed promptly and comprehensively by the Escrow Services team.

Integrated Solutions

Beyond escrow services, Oars Investment offers a variety of investment, foreign exchange and payment services to support the transaction.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer a range of Escrow services to support M&A transactions around the globe, including Holdback Escrows, Good Faith Deposits and Paying Agent Services.

  • Holdback Escrows
    To mitigate transaction risk, Oars Investment offers Holdback accounts, enabling clients to place a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied. Holdbacks offer a way for the buyer to seek claims for false representations or breaches of warranty. Oars Investment will manage all claims on the account in accordance with the agreement terms.
  • Good Faith Deposits
    Oars Investment offers Good Faith Deposits, which hold a portion of the transaction purchase price in escrow to help buyers and sellers facilitate bidding and comply with regulations. Oars Investment can also distribute termination fees from the escrow funds if the transaction is cancelled.
  • Takeover Codes for Global M&A
    Regulations in certain jurisdictions – such as the Takeover Codes of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom – require confirmation from the advisor in an M&A deal that resources are available to move the transaction forward. Oars Investment provides the financial advisor the assurance that funds will be available and segregated throughout the duration of the offer.
  • Closing Agent/Paying Agent
    Oars Investment offers buyers escrow accounts for deposit of the full transaction purchase price to centralize funding sources and hold liquid funds before closing. We also provide a variety of services to facilitate the transaction:
    Closing Agent escrows – These escrows facilitate the exchange of the company stock from the seller for cash payments from the buyer.
    Paying Agent services – Oars Investment disburses funds to the selling shareholders directly from an escrow account. We can efficiently manage all aspects of the process, from inspecting presentations and share certificates, to resolving issues and promptly paying shareholders.

Our services cover all business transactions in respect of holding your money or documents, whether in real estate or any other commercial transactions.


  • multi-currency options
  • tailored template escrow services agreement
  • an efficient account reports
  • signatory to bank account is optional
  • seamless on boarding process
  • Low transparent fees
  • 24-hours access to escrow officer

Our escrow officers are willing to work closely with your advisors and deal team to develop efficient control and secured process to help reduce your business risks in order to ensure Closing.

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